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Basic Setup

   Place your lamp on a stable surface away from sources of heat. Remove the decorative cap and the stopper under the decorative cap.

   Fill your lamp to no more than 2/3 with one of your oils, using the blue plastic funnel.

Insert the wick attached to the burner into your lamp. Check that the stone is firmly seated into the neck of the lamp. When using for the first time or catalytic stone & wick is dry, leave to soak for 20 to 30 minutes with the stopper cap on.

   Remove the cap and light the burner using a lighter or match. Leave the flame to burn for 2 to 3 minutes.


   Blow out the flame. Your Lampeberger is now working.


   Replace the open shade (decorative cap) over the burner and leave burn for 20 to 60 minutes. This is optional and you will know how long of a time that you need to burn it.

   To extinguish your lamp remove the open shade (decorative cap). Take care as it may be hot. Place the cap(stopper) on the burner(catalytic stone). Replace the open shade on the lamp.

   Store the lamp away from sources of heat, with the cap (stopper) always firmly in place.


   A good oil to purchase is the neutralizer – it has no scent however has so many uses. If your wick is ever clogged – burn and inch of neutral alone through your lamp and it will unclog the stone. It helps to keep your lamp and wick clean. It tones down a scent that may be too strong. If you burn only an inch in your lamp every month it helps the life of the stone and keeps the stone from clogging. It is also helpful to burn an inch in your lamp of the neutral prior to switching scents to get your lamp ready for your new scent. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions on your lamp.

What to do when you need to switch scents.

If you have any oil left in your lamp and you want to switch scents this is what you do.

1) Take the catalytic stone and wick out of the bottle and place onto paper towel or a plate on the kitchen counter. Let it dry out completely overnight.

2) Empty any oil still in the lamp back into the original bottle.

3) Put about an inch or 2 inches of neutralizer in the lamp and swish it around the inside of the lamp.

4) Put the catalytic stone & wick into the neutralizer oil and let it absorb the oil for an hour...activate the lamp the way you usually would and let the lamp clean the air and the stone until all of the neutral oil is gone and the stone is dry. This is good for your stone...cleans it and gets it ready for the new scent. It cleans the air too!

5) Put your new scent into the lamp (remember no more than 2/3 full in your lamp.)

6) Insert the completely dried out catalytic stone and wick into the new oil.

7) Let it absorb the new oil for an hour or more.

8) Now proceed as you usually do when activating your lamp.