History Repeats Itself!

The COVID 19 frenzy has just begun and as a Lampeberger owner you have a great tool to keep yourself and your loved ones free of the germs that come along with the virus.

These lamps were invented in 1898 in Europe to clean the air of bacteria and germs due to an outbreak very similar to what is going on right now with us. They have been fully confirmed in October of 2008 by the largest institute in the world (the Pasteur Institute) that they do purify the air of 68% bacteria, germs and moulds.

The first Lampe Berger-1898

From the very beginning the mission of Lampe Berger has been to improve the quality of indoor air. Created in1898 to purify hospital rooms.

Lampe Berger is today your security blanket to clean air. USE YOUR LAMP EVERY DAY on each level of your home and ALWAYS WHEN YOU HAVE COMPANY OVER!