About Us

Lampe Berger's patented burner is the workhorse of the lamp, and is what actually does the purifying of the airborne bacteria, yeast and mould. When the burner heats up to 500 degrees, the catalyst gel (spread kiln fired around the exterior surface area of the burner) begins a chemical reaction. The platinum molecules in the catalyst gel create a "crackling" effect which sends ions into the air, altering the molecular structure of foreign bodies in the air (the bacteria, yeast and mould). This purifies the bacteria, removes foul smells and renders many allergens inert. This process is fully proven in the laboratories of the Institute Pasteur, the leading bacteriological institute in the world. Named for Louis Pasteur. Lampe Berger sends the institute samples of each and every fragrance we produce, and they test them to ensure that when our fragrance is burned in our lamps, they do what we say they do--they purify 68% of airborne bacteria, yeast and mould, as well as permanently eliminating foul odours and fragrancing the air with our perfume.